Introduction to Social Design

Poster for the Victor Papanek: The Politics of Design exhibition at the Vitra Design Museum, Germany (2018–2019) © Daniel Streat, 2018

A humanist approach to Design

“Recent Design satisfies only evanescent wants and desires, while the genuine needs of man have often been neglected” (Papanek, 1984)

The Modulor, by Le Corbusier
Birth control pills for illiterate people, by Pirkko Sotamaa

“Design has the ability to “transform man’s environment and tools and, by extension, man himself” (Papanek, 1984, p.66)

Social design in practice

Photo by Mariia Chalaya on Unsplash

“Consider the elderly not only as a problem but also as possible agents for its solution; support their capabilities and their will to be actively involved.” (Manzini 2015, p.13)

Co-design workshop, by the Asian Coalition for Housing Rights
Minimal Design team, by Papanek





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