Fermenting food in Scotland’s schools: A design-led dissertation project — Part 5: Design intervention

Figure 5.2.: Summary of the SchoolKraut service

1. Presentation of the intervention

Although this intervention is above all a rearrangement of the current systems of food and health education and therefore can be described as a system itself, in practice, it takes the shape of a service, named SchoolKraut (referring to the intervention’s two main aspects: schools and fermentation, illustrated by the famous fermented food, sauerkraut). This service, funded by public and private funds (see figure 4.2.), provides the framework and the tools to make it very easy for primary schools in Scotland to make frequent fermentation workshops in P5 classes. It elaborates adapted contracts with the local stakeholders to deliver SchoolKraut boxes with ingredients and equipment to schools, prepares fermentation workshops guidance and recipes for teachers, and creates opportunities to continue eating and making fermented food at home through home recipes (figure 5.2). To explain the details of this service, its logistics will first be clarified, followed by its different assets: the workshops’ program, its identity and narrative, and its website. Because the intervention is meant to evolve and expand, the description below is to be considered as one of the first iterations of the service.

Figure 5.3.: The service blueprint of the intervention
Figure 5.4.: Program of the first workshop’s introduction
Figure 5.5.: Main parts of the introduction video
Figure 5.6.: Example of a regular workshop program, following a sauerkraut recipe
Figure 5.7.: Portrait of Eilidh, the main character of the narrative
Figure 5.8.: Fermentation cycle’s structure in relation to the narrative
Figure 5.9.: Visual identity of the service
Figure 5.10.: The SchoolKraut website’s main pages
Figure 5.11.: The website’s informative role
Figure 5.12.: A user’s personal space
Figure 5.13.: The website’s fermentation recipes
Figure 5.14.: Example of a printed recipe

2. Discussion about the intervention

The main objective of this work is to promote healthier and more sustainable food habits through the practice of fermentation. To evaluate the extent to which this intervention achieves this mission, its theoretical and practical impact will be discussed, as well as its potential to expand.



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