Fermenting food in Scotland’s schools: A design-led dissertation project — Part 5: Design intervention

Figure 5.2.: Summary of the SchoolKraut service

1. Presentation of the intervention

Figure 5.3.: The service blueprint of the intervention
Figure 5.4.: Program of the first workshop’s introduction
Figure 5.5.: Main parts of the introduction video
Figure 5.6.: Example of a regular workshop program, following a sauerkraut recipe
Figure 5.7.: Portrait of Eilidh, the main character of the narrative
Figure 5.8.: Fermentation cycle’s structure in relation to the narrative
Figure 5.9.: Visual identity of the service
Figure 5.10.: The SchoolKraut website’s main pages
Figure 5.11.: The website’s informative role
Figure 5.12.: A user’s personal space
Figure 5.13.: The website’s fermentation recipes
Figure 5.14.: Example of a printed recipe

2. Discussion about the intervention



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